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Sharpening Comic Skills Can Bring Freshness to Your Performance Style
Dealing With Disappointment
I Just Love to Have Someone Shop For Me!
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Play Dates

I'm realizing that it's so important for me to make a place to "play"!  With all the demands made on me during the day at work, I have to dedicate at least some time to tasks that refuel me like performing.  Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy my job and feel that's it worthwhile and that I'm contributing to the betterment of society, but needing to "play" is in my DNA.  I love playing on stage, whether it be in the form of a story, a standup comedy routine, or a play it's refreshing and fun.

Sharpening Comic Skills Can Bring Freshness to Your Performance Style

I haven't written in a long while because I'm discovering that I'm not much of a writer.  Meaning, I don't necessarily feel pulled to write my thoughts out on a daily basis.  At least, not as a web post.  I am, however, realizing that I like to write jokes reflecting my wacky way of looking at things and performing stand-up comedy.
Writing and performing comedy is a real high for me.  You get that instant response from the audience.  Doing stand-up gives me the chance to perform any time I want and helps me overcome my fear of "breaking the fourth wall.

Dealing With Disappointment

Well, it has been quite awhile since I've written anything, but this day after Thanksgiving has brought out the reflection in me.

Yesterday, was a nice, easy Thanksgiving, where we had my in-laws and a few friends over.  We ate, reminisced, looked at pictures, shared self-penned songs, drew some, and even got someone to play the guitar.

What is there not to be grateful for?  Oh yeah, let-downs.  A few weeks back, October 26 to be exact, was to be the air date for my "Made in Jersey" episode.

I Just Love to Have Someone Shop For Me!

Today, I went to work at my day job, where we had several meetings in preparation for some changes in our systems.  The meetings weren't that exciting, but knowing that I'd be off on Friday doing an acting gig for the new show, "Made in Jersey" made it bearable.

The costume department was gracious enough to let me do my fitting in Brooklyn after work.  After calling for my sizes, colors, and favorite stores - I must say, the wardrobe folks picked out some doozies!  I really like the outfits they chose for me.

"On Hold"

One of the things I don't like about being put "On Hold" after auditioning for a part is because of how it feels.  For those who don't know the term, this is what happens when you audition for a role in television or film and the casting team likes you, but aren't sure they're going to go with you.  They're asking you to be available on their shooting schedule (for your character) in case they cast you.  So, it's good news, right?  Sort of.

As an actor, we want to be liked, so it's good being put on hold because it means that the director likes you.

Taking an Audition Day

Today, I've taken off from work.  I rarely use my vacation or sick days as I want to have them available for auditions or filming days when I book acting work (I should say "if").  

One of the challenges of the Actor's Journey is stabilizing your income, your personal relationships, and your performance career.  If acting work doesn't come steadily enough for your income to be counted on, it's foolhardy to stave off other things in your life, just "in case.

Tough Tech

Today, I took a day off from work to participate in a technical rehearsal of my show for tomorrow's opening night performance.  A professional play would typically have what is called a "10-out-of-12".  That's 10 hours to set your show's lighting and sound cues with a 2 hour dinner break.  In the world of FringeNYC, you're given twice the running time of your show, which for me, is 3 hours.  As you can imagine, that wasn't much.  

To my surprise, the member of my tech team that was there today was not the one who knows how to program light cues.

The Stress of Press Release

Today, 8/7/12, I took off from work to participate in the New York International Fringe Festival's annual press release.  It's such an exciting thing to be invited as there are close to 200 shows in FringeNYC and we have an extremely tight marketing budget.  Only about 8 shows get to participate in this event to give several media outlets an idea of what will be served up at the various downtown Manhattan venues during its Aug. 10th-Aug. 26th run.

This particular version of "Linda Means to Wait" will debut in this year's Fringe, so we were likely (as in, definitely) invited because of my director's familiar face.

Public RELATIONships

On Monday, 8/6/12, I woke up early (about 5:45am) and nervous in anticipation of a planned meeting I was to attend in Harlem at the Harlem Arts Alliance's monthly meeting.  This is a monthly event where Harlem Arts Alliance (HAA) members can network, meet old friends, make new ones, and find out what's happening on the artistic front in New York City.

It had been recommended to me by a dear, Afro-connected man-about-town, Kojo, that I go and perform an excerpt from my show to let people in the community know about my upcoming performances (8/11-8/25) and to give them a taste of what the show is like.

Beach Rehearsal

Yesterday, my husband insisted that we go to the beach, because of the high humidity.  He gets like that on hot days.  Even though I had something else planned, I decided to make the best of it.  I mean, it IS the beach; that's not exactly the worst place in the world to be on a hot day.

Since my show opens 8/11/12, I can't afford to miss any chances to rehearse.  So I grabbed my script (reading glasses in tow), went into the water up to my ankles and ran my lines.  It always feels great to have your feet in ocean water with something creative going on in your head.
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